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Saturday, 19 April 2014


Groundskeeper 2 Game Review (AOD #194)

Groundskeeper 2

Alien invasion is somewhat one of my favourite scenarios in a game, and I probably wish for it to happen in real life sometimes. On that thought today we will check out Groundskeeper 2, made by OrangePixel, available on iOS and Android. This 2-D arcade, action game is one of the best you will find on mobile.

"Alien invasion is somewhat one of my favourite scenarios in a game..."

The game drops you straight in a warzone with only the options to move left/right, shoot and jump. That is the whole concept of the game, the rest of it consists of cool weapons, upgrades, levels and enemies. Shooting enemies is the way to collect parts to unlock new weapons and levels, additionally shooting boxes that drop from the sky give you extra lives. This game is endless fun and consists of small bits of story that pop up each time you die after you collect a certain amount of parts. Graphically the game is awesome, retro is the most appropriate word to use here and paired up with the music you get a brilliant experience when playing it.

"This game is endless fun..."

Groundskeeper 2 is not for those who seek complexity in games, this is rather appropriate for quick sessions that do not need a lot of thinking. On top of that it is free, so why not give it a try?


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