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Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Contact Lenses of the Future

The Contact Lenses of The Future

Contact lenses that will provide you with internet access, language translation, guidance, x-ray vision and extreme lifelike gaming! No it is not a science fiction movie, it is the near future.

In the coming years people will afford contact lenses, not ordinary contact lenses but ones enhanced with microchips and LEDs that will provide internet access. Scientists predict that until mid-century these contact lenses will be used in our everyday life and slowly become essential to us. Augmented reality will be used to view an acquaintance’s bio so you will not be embarrassed again when meeting someone you do not remember his name. Tourists will be able to view digital reconstructions of monuments and places that no longer exist today, and soldiers will be able to see enemy campsites, locations and other friendly squad’s location. Ultimately this will be a huge breakthrough as this technology can be used in every single aspect of our lives and solve a lot of problems such as different language, different writing and much more.

Google has already tackled this with “Project Glass”, suggesting a mixture of real world and augmented reality all made possible by wearing a set of glasses. It is a start to what will gradually evolve to contact lenses providing us with great potential and exceptional possibilities to make our life a lot easier but still, are you not bothered by the fact that someone else might be watching what you are watching?


  1. Sounds fascinating. You say "scientists predict" that "these contact lenses will be used in our everyday life and slowly become essential to us." Which scientists?

    1. Hi John G Thomas! Thank you for your comment. Dr Michio Kaku is a theoretical Physicist and the inspiration for this post. He interviewed over 300 scientists for his book Physics of the Future where I found out about the contact lenses of the Future. I am glad to see that more people are interested on the future and what technology will become.

  2. Replies
    1. Good to know that you are interested! More posts will be coming shortly!


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