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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Change Or Fade Away, Why Twitter Changed

People Online Get Bored Easily

Lets pretend that you are Twitter for a moment. Everything around you changes constantly into something a little different. After getting your first earnings report, user growth is lower than expected. That is because your design is heavily based on text posts and people get attracted to visual content.

So, what do you do?

Changing into something more engaging and appealing to a new audience. You want to attract people into using your service. Change is what keeps the interest going. Conversations are made on whether people like the changes or not. That still drives traffic and a new audience to your services. Twitter power users are already complaining about the changes and how similar to Facebook things have gotten. You may be complaining as well, however change can be good. It gives something new and interesting to engage with.

People don't like changes

At least most of us don't. When you get used to something it can become difficult to let go or see it change. Changes can make you feel uncomfortable as they are different from what you used to know. That goes for everything, a different haircut or a new apartment, even a new girlfriend.

In time you get used to it

After a while the change seems great and possibly your new girlfriend is better than the last. My point here is that you should embrace changes. Good things can come out of them and in this situation Twitter may engage with a new audience.

What is your opinion about the Twitter changes and changes in general?

Source: Twitter

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