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Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Disco Zoo Game Review (AOD #200)

Disco Zoo, Because Zoos are so 2013

I will be honest with you. I love this game! There is an unexplainable attraction between me and Disco Zoo. It may be the fact that I like collecting animals (cough cough I play Pokemon). Pair that with a giant disco ball and money making parties and you have a winner! Apparently someone at Nimblebit had a disco nostalgia and a Zoo addiction to create this awesome game. It all comes down to puzzles, collecting animals and parties!

"It all comes down to puzzles, collecting animals and parties!"

The idea behind the game is simple. Solve puzzles, collect animals, showcase them at your Zoo and make money! It is very simple and addictive or perhaps I am obsessed with collecting them all. The element that may put off some players is the fact that you have to wait actual minutes to earn money from visitors. That may not be so bad, as waiting for profits makes you think before you spend money. Retro style graphics may have been overused in mobile games, however I find them appealing. When it comes to collecting animals things get pretty hard. You start without a clue and randomly touch squares hoping to discover a new animal. With a little luck you will find 3 or 4 of the same kind and capture a new species.

 "...you have to wait actual minutes to earn money from visitors."

The element of Disco partying is basically a period of time when your earnings are multiplied. It is exciting, however you must spend real money to purchase disco bucks in order to activate it. If you always wanted to run your own Zoo and go out hunting wild animals I cannot recommend this game enough!


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