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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

App of the Day #101 Beat the Boss 3

Beat The Boss 3

Hey guys! Happy New Year to everyone! Today we will check out Beat the Boss 3 available on Android and iOS! You are given the chance to beat your boss for the third time in this great little game that relieves you from stress. With simple but effective graphics this game delivers a great experience and proves that great graphics are not always needed to achieve a great experience. The usual multitude of weapons and customisation is present as well as the ability to create your own boss. Music is not present in the game and sound effects could be better but I definitely recommend this game!

Monday, 30 December 2013

App of the Day #100 Hopeless: The Dark Cave

Hopeless: The Dark Cave

Hey guys! Today we will check out Hopeless, a free game available on Android. Your mission is to save as many blobs as you can from being eaten by monsters in a dark cave. The title says it all, it is hopeless, you are bound to lose but the game is amazingly addictive and fun! If your blobs get nervous they shoot themselves, or if you get nervous on the other hand you kill yourself. The graphics of the game are nice but simple and that drives the attention towards the centre, where your blob is. 

The controls are simple and straightforward as you only touch in the direction the monsters appear, although you must be careful not to shoot your friends! Music is not a strong point here, I would say it is absent, however the sound effects are great and add to the suspense of the game. This game is just perfect for short attention spans delivering quick action and the element of surprise! Definitely worth a download!   

Sunday, 29 December 2013

App of the Day #99 Oh my Goat

Oh my Goat

Hey guys! Today we will check out Oh My Goat, available on Android and iOS. If you are a fan of rage games then this is perfect for you! You are a goat that is now square and escaped captivity with the help of a shaman, your goal is now to save your friends from captivity. Each stage is made from 12 parts that are pretty challenging and fun to play. Timing and precision is needed to complete the stages, failure is guaranteed, but that is part of the game experience.

The graphics are simple but great, and add to the game experience. The gameplay is smooth, lag free and responsive, without any problems. The music is also great and the sound effects are nice as well. This game should be definitely included in your game collection!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

App of the Day #98 Blocky Roads

Blocky Roads

Hey guys! Today we will check out Blocky Roads, available on Android and iOS. This game is a mixture of Minecraft style graphics and racing games. Simplicity can be attractive and creativity has no boundaries. This is what the game gives you in a nutshell, the ability to create your own car and customise your character. With each race you complete you earn rewards and coins to help you rebuild your farm and upgrade your car.

The graphics are good and simple as they were meant to be. The music is repetitive but the sound effects are nice. The gameplay is simple, just brake and accelerate, and responsive. I definitely recommend downloading and trying this game out!    

Worms 2: Armageddon Review

Guest Post by Khurram Liaqat
from the BallGum Blog

Friday, 27 December 2013

App of the Day #97 Muffin Knight

Muffin Knight

Hey guys! Today we will check out Muffin Knight, available on Android and iOS. This game is one of my all time favourites, as it is not new but I cannot stop playing it. So why not share it with you? You are a small boy that devours muffins and changes forms, each with a different superpower. From arrow throwing knights to rainbow pooping unicorns, this game has it all.

A big variety of different stages and enemies will keep you busy, although if that is not enough multiplayer is also available so that you can compete with your friends. The graphics are good, not the best I have seen, but the overall experience is so good that in the end graphic quality is the last thing you will notice. Music is good as well, nothing special, same thing goes for the sound effects.

The important thing is that the game as a whole is a great experience, and so addictive that I cannot recommend it enough! Definitely worth a download!

Monday, 23 December 2013

App of the Day #96 Vector


Hey guys! Today we will check out Vector, available on Android and iOS. As far as mobile apps go this is one you do not want to miss out. Facing mind control and enslavement you randomly escape your captivity and parkour your way through stages. What can be more awesome than a stunt filled escape that satisfies your entertainment needs? The controls are easy, responsive and involve only swiping in different directions to perform different moves. The music is good, but can get a little repetitive, not a deal breaker as long I have fun with the game and kill some time. Overall the graphics are minimal and suit the mood of the game, the stunts are realistic and well performed which makes the game believable and sometimes difficult. This game has parkoured its way to your gaming collection!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

App of the Day #95 Cordy


Hey guys! Today we will check out Cordy available on Android and iOS. Run, swing and hover with your cord in this interesting game that will definitely steal a lot of your time. Solve puzzles and plug your way through the stages in a fast and satisfying way. The graphics are decent, and the music is good. The gameplay is smooth and the game is easy to learn and straightforward. The game is available to try for free and then purchase the full version. You should definitely give this game a try!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

App of the Day #94 They Need To Be Fed 2

They Need To Be Fed 2

Hey guys! Today we will check out They Need To Be Fed 2 available on Android and iOS. A minimal platformer that is simple and addictive. Jumping from object to object gravity pulls you down, a combination of jumps and correct moves will help you feed the plant (by throwing yourself in its mouth), to complete the stage. The music and sound effects are great, as well as the graphics. As far as the controls go simplicity is dominant and gameplay is smooth and responsive. This game has to be a part of your game collection!  

Friday, 20 December 2013

App of the Day #93 Banana Kong

Banana Kong

Hey guys! Today we will check out Banana Kong, available on Android and iOS. Being hunted by your own food (huge banana avalanche) you are forced to run and escape in a primate fashion. Jump, evade and smash obstacles in this endless running game. The graphics are great and fit the game style, accompanied by great music and sound effects. It is a great short attention span experience that will definitely keep you busy. This game definitely deserves a spot in your gaming collection.

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