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Saturday, 21 June 2014


Squareland iOS Game Review

So Much Squares To Destroy!

I always enjoy playing a good physics based puzzle game while saving my friends in the process! Squareland is a cute yet challenging puzzle game made by Walking Thumbs available on iOS. The goal of the game is to help Blu find his friends that are lost in Squareland. Smash squares and glide through the levels while avoiding the obstacles! 

"Smash squares and glide through the levels while avoiding the obstacles!"

I have to say that I enjoyed playing the game and I found it challenging early on. The levels are well made and unforgiving sometimes. There are over 80 levels spread throughout 4 worlds which I found pretty satisfying and enjoyable to play through. The graphics are great as well and suit the mood of the game while contributing to the cuteness factor. I would like to see some crazy super power added that could smash everything or perhaps I could hope to see that in a future game?

"The levels are well made and unforgiving sometimes."

To all the puzzle game fans out there that want to play something cute and challenging this is the game to try out! You should let your children have a go as well! Smash everything and slide away my friends.


1 comment:

  1. I am enjoying Squareland a lot, I am on Level 43, can't put it down.
    Thanks for pointing it out.


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