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Sunday, 29 June 2014


Polygon Evolution Game Review

So Many Polygons!

Playing puzzle games is a great way to distract yourself for long periods of time. In this case Polygon Evolution offers a great way to exercise your brain and have fun at the same time. This new puzzle game that is a mix of dots, lines, crosses, triangles and squares is made by Alex Dantis and it is available on Android and iOS.

"...a mix of dots, lines, crosses, triangles and squares..."

I will be honest with you, this game is quite difficult to learn and master. Once you get the basics right you lose track of time in this difficult concept. The game is based on match three mechanics with each three blocks you match creating a single block upgraded to a higher level. In addition to that there are black opposing blocks that appear strategically against you and act the same way as your own blocks. The purpose is to overcome the opposing blocks and not to run out of moves. There is an interesting palette of colors used in the game and when combined with the soundtrack you get an amazing experience.

"The game is based on match three mechanics..."

If you are looking for a challenging puzzle game to spend long periods of time playing, Polygon Evolution is the game for you.


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