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Saturday, 9 November 2013


VEO Case for the Google Nexus 7 2nd Gen 2013 Edition Review

VEO Case Nexus 7 2nd Gen 
2013 Edition Review

Hey guys! Today we will check out the VEO case for the Google Nexus 7 2013 edition made by Jammy Lizard! I previously reviewed the last years' model for the 2012 Nexus 7 and that case was excellent! How does this case stack up? We are about to find out! The first thing I liked once I received the package was the transparent package with the store name on, a nice touch that I haven't seen from other stores I purchased things from. The package contains the case, a small cleaning cloth and a screen protector.

   "The package contains the case, a small      cleaning cloth and a screen protector."

Starting with the case itself I was impressed with how light it is. Now don't confuse light with thin or low quality, this case is light and somehow manages to have great quality and stay reasonably thin and not add relatively much volume to the device itself.

      "I was impressed with how light it is"

Another nice touch was the laser cut VEO branding in the interior of the case. Personally I don't like branding on the outside of the case, I like to keep it minimal. This is discreet and fine example of appropriate branding on a case. Moving to the interior of the case, a soft material is present which will not scratch our case but will protect it instead.

Now something I did't like about the case was the bump it does when it is closed. Hopefully this will be ok once the case is worked out enough. It does not personally bother me as I put my device in my bag between other stuff so it is held together nicely. This brings me to another point I want to make, this case does not have magnets to keep the cover from opening. Again may not appeal to some, although I don't mind as I believe magnets add volume to the case and the device. The openings fit perfectly and give access to the important parts of the device correctly.

The openings fit perfectly and give access to the important parts of the device correctly.

Finally the case works great as a stand in two positions and the sleep/wake functions quick and responsively.

Would I recommend the VEO Nexus 7 (2) 2013 edition Case from Jammy Lizard? Yes, definitely worth to buy for £19.95 it is one of the best you will find for your device.

Check out the case on the Jammy Lizard website: http://www.jammylizard.co.uk/google-nexus-7-2013-2nd-gen-black-veo-full-body-smart-cover-case/p937

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