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Saturday, 10 May 2014


Timberman Game Review (AOD #206)


This is the second bearded main character in a week! Well I guess this is suitable when it comes to lumberjacks or should I say Timber Man? This is a brilliant little game made by Digital Melody available on Android and iOS. The game itself is infinite and simple but not easy to master.

"The game itself is infinite and simple but not easy to master."

The idea behind the game is simple, chop the tree and avoid hitting the branches. Tapping left or right makes your character switch sides and avoid oncoming branches. I found it highly addictive and a great game for short attention spans. There are 4 different backgrounds and 8 different costumes to unlock. I would like to see more things to unlock or perhaps some special skills but the game is still great as it is.

"...a great game for short attention spans."

If you are looking for some 8-bit arcade style gaming for short attention spans this game is perfect for you! What are you waiting for? Grow a beard and chop some trees, or download Timberman.


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