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Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Jetpack Impossible Game Review (AOD #212)

Truly Impossible

A truly impossible game made by Nitako, Jetpack Impossible is testing your patience. The goal is simple, avoid deadly fireballs and collect green gems. Well at least it sounds like something simple, in reality this is one of the most difficult games I have ever played.

"...avoid deadly fireballs and collect green gems."

I am always looking out for games that are suitable for short attention spans. This is definitely one to play only for a few minutes. I can guarantee that anything more than that may result in a smashed phone. You should already know by now that I love simple games, not easy but simple. Jetpack Impossible only takes a few seconds to learn and after that you mostly depend on luck and skill. There are some nice retro style graphics used here, nothing special but they suit the purpose of the game. I would like to see some mission additions or perhaps more costumes for you to unlock.

"Jetpack Impossible only takes a few seconds to learn..."

If you are into super difficult games and you are looking for something to kill time with, check out Jetpack Impossible.


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