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Monday, 26 May 2014


Abyss Attack Game Review (AOD #214)

Attack Everything That Moves

I have always wanted to drive a submarine and explore the depths of the ocean. Abyss Attack comes pretty close and gives you the chance to destroy everything that stands in your way. Upgrade your submarine, collect gems and fight bosses in this graphically beautiful infinite runner developed by Deep Byte Studios and published by Chillingo.

"Upgrade your submarine, collect gems and fight bosses..."

The controls are pretty simple and consist only of touching the screen with your finger and moving the submarine around in the direction you want. It is pretty easy to learn but difficult to master. As you progress in the game the enemies become harder to defeat and you will probably need to upgrade your weapons. The graphics are impressive and when combined with the intense music you get a great gaming experience. The formula used is not new but I like the addition of bosses as it makes the game more challenging. Each time I lose I keep coming back for more.

"The graphics are impressive..."

If you are looking for quick way to kill some time check out Abyss Attack.


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