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Saturday, 3 May 2014


How To Connect A Bluetooth Controller To Android Devices

Connect ipega PG-9025 To A Nexus 7 (2013)

Connecting any device with your Android tablet is very easy and straightforward. The good thing is that it only needs to be done once and the same process applies to your Android phone as well.

  • The first step you must do is access the settings on your device. 
  • Find the bluetooth tab and turn it on. Then tap bluetooth to access the menu with the devices available to connect. 
  • The next step is to turn your controller on so that it can be detected by your tablet. In the case of the ipega PG 9025 controller you must press home and A at the same time until the light starts blinking. 
  • When your device shows up on the list simply tap on it and it will connect to your tablet. 

That is all you need to do and the same process applies to all bluetooth devices ( keyboard, mice, controllers). However in order to correctly function with compatible games you might need to assign functions through the game itself. The process is very simple, if you have any questions leave a comment below!   

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