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Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Apple's Fall Event 2013: New iPads to Mac Pro, what you need to know

Apple's October 2013 event

Hey guys! The event went down and really ended with no surprises from Apple's side. Event after event Apple does not take risks or present something unexpected, although this time it did present some upgrades, price drops, even free OSX Mavericks and other apps. Upgrades to products year after year are somewhat expected, but when will Apple present something ground breaking and unexpected?  

So lets take a look at what happened:

iPad Air

The iPad Air is the successor to the iPad 4. I will not compare specs with the previous iPad, those you can read by yourself, I will talk about what changed and where Apple is moving towards. So in a nutshell the body is now similar, if not identical to the iPad Mini but with a larger screen. It is thinner, lighter, faster and with smaller bezels. The prices will start at $499 for the wi-fi 16 GB model and will go up for the cellular ones. The thing that stuck into my mind is the name. Does iPad Air mean that there will be an iPad Pro?

New iPad Mini 

Many argued that Apple would not upgrade the iPad Mini with a Retina display, although they did! The new iPad mini is a little bit thicker and heavier due to the Retina display, but now it has a 2048x1536 7.9 inch display, which will end the complaints about the pixels being spotted. It also has the new A7 chip (same as the iPhone 5s and the iPad Air) which will make it faster and more responsive than before. The price though is $399 for the 16GB model which will make it hard to compete with the new Nexus 7 which is priced $229.

New Macbook Pros

The Macbook Pro line was updated today with new intel chips that make them faster and more energy usage efficient. Bottom line is that they are faster and have longer battery life which is great. The other important announcement they made for the Macbook Pros is the price drop, $1299 for the 13 inch instead of $1399 and $1999 for the 15 inch instead of $2199. That will definitely get some people excited.

Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is one of the weirdest, cool, futuristic designs I have seen in a long time. It will run on intel Xeon Processors and only flash storage will be available (up to 1 TB).  It will be manufactured completely in the United States and its price will start at $2999. It will be available from December and will definitely appeal to hardcore content creators.

OSX Mavericks

Apple's new operating system, OSX Mavericks is available for free! Nice move from Apple, who made this update available for free to Mac owners from several years back. OSX Mavericks promises significant performance improvements and is already available to download.

iLife and iWork

Finally iLife and iWork have been redesigned with focus on 64-bit architecture (new A7 processor) with multiple additions and greater performance. 

What do you think about the announcements that Apple made? Will you go out on a spending spree, or not interested at all?

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