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Sunday, 6 October 2013


App of the Day #18 Giant Boulder of Death

Giant Boulder of Death

What would you do if you were a giant boulder and someone stole your girlfriend and turned her into a statue? I would be very, very angry!! Available for Android and iOS this game makes you the angry boulder, tilt your screen to avoid obstacles and crush everything that stands in your way!

Of course you get to upgrade your boulder and unlock upgrades and get bonus add ons every 10 minutes or buy them for gems. You can also achieve goals and unlock characters that can be crushed in a game and earn more points. This is killer fun!
With nice, simple graphics and good gameplay this game is a must have to kill time and make high scores!


By the way this is my high score for now, let me know if you beat it (doubt it) so I can set a new one!
A like and share is always appreciated!

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