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Saturday, 12 October 2013


App of the day #24 Heavy Sword

Hey guys! Today we are going to check out Heavy Sword, an amazing little app that is a mixture of Super Mario and Zelda in some points. You are Pike, your quest is to save princess Lucinda from unspeakable dangers! You start with a really small sword and gradually get to a huge, gigantic lightning sword that destroys everything!

The game uses very simple, straightforward controls easy to master and very responsive. The graphics are inspired from old platformers but given a new modern look. As you get hit each time you lose a sword level and get a smaller sword. You also find a shop with goods to buy with the coins you collect and finally face boss battles.

How can you say no to huge swords and epic quests? This game is brilliant and definitely worth a download, go ahead and save the princess!

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