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Tuesday, 17 December 2013


App of the Day #90 Gregg


Hey guys! Today we will check out Gregg, available on Android and iOS. This is a simple game, the goal is to save sleepwalking birds from falling into a gap by placing yourself or other objects as a bridge. A found the game to be challenging and fun, as well as addictive. You are bound to lose many, many times before you get to complete the levels. The simplicity of the game also translates in the simple but good looking graphics that do an excellent job with the game. The part that I liked more about the game was the sound effects and the constant giggling of the main character, that brought a touch of innocence and cuteness to the game.

The game is free for a few levels, but there is a charge for unlocking all of them, although Gregg is definitely worth it! Go save some sleepwalking birds!

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