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Sunday, 10 February 2013


The Nexus 7 Experience

The Nexus 7 After Six Months of Use

It has been six months since I bought my Nexus 7 tablet by Google and Asus. Well I have to say it is a vital part of my life now. I can't get out of my house without it as I have everything stored on it (from music, games and pictures to movies and notes). It is a great device for its money's worth but still it lacks in design and sometimes in
smoothness when browsing the Internet.

It has a lot of processing power to handle anything from apps and games but the thing is that it lacks the number of tablet optimised apps that the Ipad has. It is not a nice sight to see a smartphone optimised app blown up to fit the tablet's screen.

With that said it is up to you to choose, the Nexus 7 is a good deal for the specifications it offers but will it meet your needs if you need more optimised apps?

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