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Monday, 6 January 2014


App of the Day #107 Romans From Mars

Romans From Mars

Hey guys! Today we will check out Romans from Mars, available on Android and iOS. This game has one simple goal, destroy all Romans from Mars that attack you by using a crossbow! First of all crossbows are cool, and the combination of Romans with Aliens is quite unique. The gameplay consists of touching the screen to direct the arrows and hit your targets. There is no control over the power or height of the arrow, however the game is enjoyable and can get challenging after a few stages. The fact that the game limits your control over shooting makes the game perfect for short attention spans.

The gameplay is smooth and responsive, without and problems or lag. The graphics are fairly simple and cartoonish, but this seems to be the purpose of the game. The music is good as well and the sound effects are nice. Additionally, upgrades are available to purchase with coins you earn by progressing in the game. I would definitely recommend destroying some Romans From Mars on your devices!

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