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Sunday, 5 January 2014


App of the Day #106 Colossatron


Hey guys! Today we will check out Colossatron, available on Android and iOS! This game puts you in the position of the evil alien invader that wants to destroy mankind. It is mostly a strategy game that is placed in beautiful context. As Colossatron, you must organise and combine your parts, which come in different colours and with different abilities. Once you figure out the combinations and abilities of each part the game becomes much more interesting. To combine the parts you simply touch the screen and drag the parts to the position you want. The military will fight back and attempt to destroy you and the fact that you cannot control where Colossatron goes forces you to make quick and right decisions as far as part placement and combinations go. The graphics are great and the gameplay is smooth and responsive. The music is awesome and the sound effects are great. This game is unique in its own destructive way, definitely worth the download!

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