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Monday, 25 March 2013


Our Technology Has Limits


It's 2013, technology advances so quick, this year smartphones pack some serious specifications even some that we wouldn't imagine 10 years ago. Each year we come face to face with new models, new trends, we are bombarded with advertisements that show how our entire world revolves around our gadgets and technology. This is all nice, technology advancing and all but there is a little thing called Moore's Law. Dr Moore figured out an equation that says our technology doubles each 18 months. And it has been accurate for the past 50 years. Scientists are already facing problems with this though,as with the rate computers evolve the heat produced by the processors will melt the silicon holding them together. At the annual Semicon West conference in 2004, Paolo Gargini, an Intel Fellow said “We see that for at least the next fifteen to twenty years, we can continue staying on Moore’s law.”  There is a limit for us, and that is silicone. Are we in trouble? Well yes, until a viable solution can be found. There are many options that are explored now, such as quantum computing, atomic transistors, optical computers, quantum dot computers and DNA computers. Well this brings up another question, what will all the arguments be when in the immediate future augmented reality glasses, future contact lenses, folding smart paper, smart wall screens and self driving cars will be among us? Smartphones and brands? Or will we embrace future technology no matter who or which company brings it ,to evolve and expand our possibilities as human beings experiencing rapid evolution?

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