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Saturday, 23 March 2013


Google vs Apple Round 3 Nexus 10 vs Ipad 4


Two Very Capable Tablets

There has been a continuing debate about the Nexus 10 and the Ipad 4 and which is a best buy or value for its money as well as premium feeling and best experience as a tablet. The truth is that I had quite some time with the Ipad 4 and overally tried out how it would operate and respond to day to day tasks and I can say I was not let down and overally impressed by it. As far as apps, ease of use, and simplicity the Ipad is amazing. You get the premium feeling when you first take it in your hands, due to the aluminium back and the weight, and once you see that Retina display you will not accept anything less from another tablet. 

There is though on the other side the Nexus 10 released by Google, made by Samsung, an attempt to directly compete with the Ipad. Well it has if you ask me, with a cheaper price offering nice specs as well as a higher pixel density screen but is it enough to convince someone to change to a Nexus 10 from an Ipad 4?
Like it or not the Ipad has a reputation that precedes it, and when people go to a store and ask for information about a tablet and the salesperson starts telling them complicated things about the android tablet, like oh you have 7, 8.9 10.1 inch with this and not that, the average person will say "oh, ok can you show me the Ipad?". Simplicity is appealing to the average consumer, which is the majority, and the complexity and versatility, in this case Android and the Nexus 10 are more appealing to the Geeks like you and me. 

In the end when it comes to choosing between the two, specs do not matter that much unless you are some spec addict, it comes down to personal preferences. It comes down to which ecosystem you use and prefer as well as if you prefer the simplicity to iOS or the variety and customization of Android.  

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  1. It's all about choice and what use you have for your tablet.
    An example: I am a musician and any android tablet is not suitable for serious musical work due to the lack of decent audio drivers though they are coming and because of that a great vacuum of decent musical instruments apps. Then there is the wide screen on the Nexus and other android units that are much better for wide screen movie consumption. The winner always depends on your primary use you see. Isn't it great with have alot of choice these days. Those are just 2 examples and I am sure there are plenty more why you want either units.


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