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Friday, 3 May 2013


Poetic Slimline Nexus 7 Case Review

Poetic Slimline Case

When this case for my Nexus 7 came in the mail I could not wait to get my hands on it and try it out. Once out of the box this really feels and looks like a quality case. It has a thick leather-like cover with the Poetic logo down to the right and a thick back to hold the device. A nice touch if you ask me.

The interior of the case is soft and does not scratch the screen and it feels like quality material as well. The strong point of the Poetic case I believe is the magnets holding cover and prevent it from opening. This comes handy as it holds the case together and does not expose the screen when not necessary.

Well as expected though nothing is flawless. The case fits and closes perfectly on the device, but it adds a little bulk and the volume/power/sleep/wake buttons are a pain to reach. That being said, you might limit this problem to the volume buttons as the case has an auto wake/sleep feature when you open and close the cover. 

Finally the case performs nicely as a stand in two positions and all the openings are in the right positions.

So, would I recommend this case? Yes I would, unless you don't like a little bulk added to your Nexus 7 this is the case for you.

Buy this case from Amazon UK:
Poetic SLIMLINE Portfolio Case for Google Nexus 7 Black

Buy this case from Amazon US:
Poetic Slimline Portfolio Case for Google Nexus 7 Tablet by Asus Black

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